EMT 928

EMT 928

EMT 928 is the only belt driven turntable made by EMT. As the development departement of the formerly "Geraetewerk Lahr GmbH" was working for Thorens as well as for EMT, you may find features at the EMT 928 which can also be seen at Thorens turntables.

The unit is driven by a 3 phase motor which is supplied by an own oscillator. While the unit is in stop mode (a light weight auxiliary platter is stopped by means of a bolt from the side) the velocity is raised to get the auxiliary turntable as fast as possible to the standard speed when the brake is released. - There have been different constructions for the brake. The very first has been with two arms, which touch the platter, while the late one is a small bolt with rubber tip, surrounded by a felt ring.

The tone arm (EMT 929) is lowered and raised by means of a lift which is damped with silicon oil and operated by a bowden cable.

The moveable inner chassis rests upon 3 so called rubber mushrooms. They are adjustable to equalize both chassis to the same height. But over the years the rubbers become dry and shrink. Shock absorbing gets lost.

Equalization and line amplification is done on two equal boards for each channel. The output is lead to connection terminals with screws. The optional wooden console offered XLR connections.

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