EMT 938

EMT 938

The EMT 938 is not only the "little brother" of the EMT 948 but also the last turntable made by EMT. An increasing number of private radios with decreasing budgets made it necessary to develop a turntable with an attractive price but still with EMT quality.

It was a good idea to use already existing technique and save development cost. The result was a unit using the same techique which has been already proven in the EMT 948 and, in case of the audio technique, also in the EMT 950. The motor as well as the drive electronics were adopted exactly from the EMT 948. But the electronics had not longer been spread over several boards in a service friendly manner, but were collected on one large single board. So you may find two large boards (one for audio and one for the drive) within the unit. This less service friendly solution is not a problem at all because the experience shows that these turntables are really long live units.

This longevity assures these units still today a lot of friends and the compact design raises the WAF (wife acceptance factor) as the acceptance by companions in life is called in a jokey way.

The large differences against the big brothers are the not available pick-up illumination, which is not essential for home use, the completely closing dust cover, which can be opened either up to 45° or has to be taken off completely, the compact design, the missing "reverse gear" und for some listeners the fact, that the pick-up is not connected to a transformer. The adoption of level and impedance are made by means of an active stage. But the large number of content EMT 938 owners shows that the development engineers made their homeworks completely.

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