EMT 948

EMT 948

Although the date of launching the EMT 948 lays between EMT 950 and EMT 938 it is related more close with the EMT 938. It was developed because there was a request for a more simple unit than the flagship EMT 950. That was the reason why not all the sophisticated features of the EMT 950 had been adopted to the EMT 948. It was enough to have only one pushbutton for start/stop and also one for lift up/down. Speed selection was mad by means of a rotary switch and switching local/remote was only possible via the remote connector. At the rear side was a cover whitch houses also a continuously lighting bulb. That was the reason to left out the pick-up illumination in the first units. This illumination was well known from EMT 930 and EMT 950.

But the EMT 948 was provided with a cover which could be pivot to the rear and offered space to store the record cover. Also 948 offered the possibility to go "on the road". It was equipped with two handles and an option "transport locking" was offered to lock the tone arm was well as the chassis. A special transport case offered access to the boards and the cable connections via small doors in the front and the rear. The top cover locked the platter so that no screws had to be turned. - What was the need to transport the turntable? It was the time when the broadcasters startet disco-events outside their own buildings.

The audio electronics, well proven in the EMT 950 was adopted for the EMT 948. And also the drive electronics had been spread over service friendly plug in cards. The speed reference was made by an x-tal and a simple possibility for varispeed was built-in as standard (just connect a switch and a potentiometer).

After customers requested for the pick-up illumination (the "mushroom") the chassis was modified in a way that the illumination of the EMT 950 could be installed on request. But the light did not longer switch off itself after a defined time as in the EMT 950. The pick-up illumination is available again, but can be easily installed only in a therefore prepared chassis with a covered hole.

When developping the pushbuttons, which had already been used in the EMT 950 and later on in the EMT 938 a continuously usage was the background. In this case an H-shaped spring slides across fix contact pins, thus cleaning eventually occuring coatings and then giving good contacts. Units out of use for a longer time can show a loss of reliability by bad contacts. In this case own can either push the buttons several times oder disassemble the pushbuttons and clean them. From number 58815 on a new pushbutton panel with new and capsuled pushbuttons was installed. One can upgrade to this buttons only by replacing the entire panel.

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