Image Pushbuttons EMT 950

Pushbutton illumination EMT 950

You may recognize at EMT 950 that some symbols in the pushbuttons become dark due to the warmness of the bulb in the pushbutton. Until now the only solution was the replacement of the symbol in the pushbutton.
Now there is a better solution available: Replace the bulbs by LED's.
Two versions are available. One with a plug-in LED and a second solution with soldering the LED. Both versions have advantages and disadvantages:

Version 1: Plug-in LED
Disadvantages: The colour is a cold white (blueish) and differs from the warm colour temperature of the bulb. Under some circumstances resistors have to be soldered in parallel to the already existing. The sockets for the bulb's/LED's have silver plated contacts as well as their counterparts. The surfaces of these contacts may still oxydate.
Advantages: Easy mounting. Just unscrew the pushbutton fields, plug off the old bulb, insert the LED and mount the pushbutton fields again.

Version 2: LED to be soldered
Disadvantage: If you are not able to solder yourself you need to send the pushbutton fields or find somebody for soldering.
Advantages: The colour temperatures of the bulb and of the warm white LED's can not be differentiated. After the LED's have been soldered not contact problems will occur any longer.

Both versions are of course also applicable for EMT EMT 938 and EMT 948.

If you are interested please contact me.

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