EMT turntables

EMT turntables

There are three kinds of EMT turntables: the “modern” direct driven ones, the old idler driven ones and between the EMT 928, the only belt driven turntable of EMT.

Each EMT turntable is equipped with a platter (can be stopped and can be accelerated in a minimum of time to standard speed), tone arm and equalizer amplifier. As the broadcast stations demand was to use a turntable like any other product (mixing desk, tape recorder, …) in a broadcast station with long distances the outputs were balanced and floating by means of a transformer.

At the first turntables (EMT 927 and EMT 930) the equalization was selectable between 0, 25, 50 and 75µs. Later on, when the RIAA curve was established there as no need to switch between several curves. On some models there is only the possibility to switch between 0 and 75µs. This has measuring reasons as some B&K records have been cutted without treble equalization.

Except the EMT 927 on all models the EMT 929 is the standard tone arm. Only EMT pick-up’s fit with the connection. To use foreign pick-up’s one of the empty shells of EMT is needed. As some broadcast stations asked for the possibility to use SME compatible pick-up’s they have been supplied with a shorter version of the EMT 929 and an SME compatible connection part. As a standard all EMT 929 have a socket at the end of the vertical bearing. Older ones 7pol and newer ones 5pol. There are two exceptions: The EMT 950 BBC version and the models for Thorens TD126MkIII special. These arms have open leads instead of a socket.

Since the new building of a broadcast station with bad floor isolation the turntables have been built with two chassis: The fix one to mount the unit and a moveable one inside the fix one. In case of a stable floor and no underground railway below your home no a separate shock absorbing is necessary. Each EMT 927 and EMT 930 has been working for years without any.

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