EMT 981

EMT CD players

First of all please note, that EMT CD-players are no longer supported by EMT. In case of any mal function you mmay ask whether it's still possible to cure the machine.

The first unit of the series EMT 98x was EMT 980. Looking not really conventionally it was far away from the possibillity of being mounted into a 19" rack. In the time of the EMT 980 the standard turntables have been a common practice and space for CD players was not foreseen. Consequently the unit was built in a form which allowed to put two units side by side on a stand. The operating panel could be flapped to the front or ued off the unit and offered a lot of operating features. As often all inputs of a mixing desk had been occupied by the turntables as an option there was a switch box availble which offered to connect either a turntable or a CD player. The drive made by Thomson was not the best choice and the deveopment of the successor EMT 981 started soon.

EMT 981 was develloped as a 19" unit and computer controlling was standard. The philosophie of operation could be made more simple by according pushbuttons which made the unit operable by intuition. Using a more commercial drive allowed a better service and the units are still requested today.
Please find here a hint for increasing the reliability of the EMT 981

Nearly no changes must be made for the successor EMT 982. The most important differences, except the drive, are twice the number of cue memories, the recognition of up t 100 CD's, varispeed and an optional sampling rate converter.

The next generation is the EMT 986, a CD player with built-in hard disc which is thought to be used by broadcast stations.

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