About the damping rubber in an EMT cartridge

Aging too fast?

There is always the question: How long will my new EMT TSD15 stay?
The easy answer: It depends. - "It depends on what?" - Experiences did show that the damping rubber is very sensitive against sunlight: One day direct sunlight without any coveridge and the rubber is completely defective. - What does that mean for me?

Most of all it means, that people living under a direct sun (living near to the equator) have to take much more care than people in northern or soutern countries. Also an often covered sky will help more than uncovered sun beams. - This means not only direct sunlight but also reflected sunlight. So, if you don't use your record player it may be a good idea to store the TSD (or TMD or TND) away in a cupboard. Or at least put a (UV save) cloth over your turntable.

Although there is a silicon skin in the bottom plate to cover the opening for the cantilever, there is still open space to allow sunshine to come inside.

Another experience is the influence of ozone, which is aggessive against each rubber. It will be not so easy to filter your air, but you may understand that the TSD will have a longer live when stored into it's plastic box instead of "living" in an environment with a lot of ozone.

Conclusion: Like everything on earth also your EMT TSD will not live forever. But you are able to do something for it to live as long as possible: Avoid sunlight (UV) in any kind, direct or indirect as well as ozone. This will help to extend the live of your EMT TSD cartridge.

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