EMT 930 Adaptor

Can the Banana (EMT 997) be mounted on other turntables than EMT 927?

Foreign turntables

Depending on the mounting possibility and the tone arm base it is partly possible to mount EMT 997 also on foreign turntables. As there are two versions available (with connection for EMT cartridges and with connection for cartridges with international connection) you may eventually want to use it for long cartridges (like EMT XSD15) or for short cartridges (like EMT TSD15i). In this case you either habve to decide for one length of the cartridges or the tone arm base must allow 2 positions to have the correct overhang.

Is it possible to mount EMT 997 on other EMT turntables?

With a special adaptor it is possible to mount EMT 997 on EMT 930. As a replacement for EMT 929 or as a second arm in the rear left corner. Read more ...

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