Is it easy to connect the tone arm direct to an external eq amp?

This question is often asked if an already existing eq amp should be directly connected to the tone arm to either be compared with the internal eq amp of the turntable or to be used instead of the internal eq amp.

Except the tone arms on the EMT 927 and the Ortfon tone arms on the first units EMT 930 all other tone arms are equipped with a connection socket at the lower end of the vertical bearing (exception: EMT 929 on Thorens TD126).

So you "only" need an adaptor cable with the correct counter plug (5pole for newer arms or 7pole for older arms) and a connector which fits with your external eq amp. At "open" units like the EMT 930 connection is really easy as the socket offers a good accessibillity. At EMT 948 and EMT 950 the accessibillity is not as easy as with EMT 930. And at the EMT 938 the most important problem is to find a hole through which the adaptor cable may be guided.

In case of interest please ask me for a possibillity for your unit.

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