Varispeed for turntables EMT 938, EMT 948 and EMT 950

The turntables EMT 938 and EMT 948 are provided to be operated with x-tal locked speed or with varispeed in a range +/-25%. The fabtech option offers switching between "fix" and "varispeed" with optical feedback as well as adjusting the speed with a rotating potentiometer in a small box which can be freely located. No soldering, no other adoption; just plug and play.

Not so with the EMT 950. Speed adjustment was possible only in a small range and had to be installed within the unit itself. This option is not longer available. If you are bit handy (you should be able to use a screw driver and solder) you can mount the fabtech kit by yourself and can now adjust the speed in a range of +/-10% for 33rpm and 45rpm and +/-5% for 78rpm.

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