EMT 930 Adapter für EMT 997

EMT930 Adaptor for EMT 997

This adaptor either offers the possibility to replace the existing EMT 929 at an EMT 930 or to install the EMT 997 as a second tone arm just by using the adaptor upside down.


Adaptor for EMT 997   Adaptor for EMT 997

Without additional holes and harm to the chassis the adaptor becomes mounted at the place where the EMT 929 was mounted before. Existing holes are used therefore and with balancing screws the adaptor can be levelled. As the lift of the EMT 930 was not designed for the EMT 997 a separate lift has to be used (available as option). Depending on the arm the electrical connection can either be made via the socket in the vertical bearing or via the audio sockets at the adaptor.

Adaptor for EMT 997   Adaptor for EMT 997

In case the EMT 929 shall not be removed the adaptor can be mounted at the rear left corner of the chassis. At older chassis the mounting screws for the cartridge holder will be used (the cartridge holder has to be removed). With newer chassis the threads are still there but covered. A description is attached to show how to find the threads.

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