Empty shells of EMT

Like all other parts in an audio chain also the pick-up is a matter of taste. So the owners of an EMT turntable always ask for a possibility to connect foreign pick-up's to an EMT tone arm.

Therefore EMT offers the TSD-G and the J-shell. The TSD-G is the same shell which is used for all the T-series pick-up's. The EMT pick-up's have a very short length and need not much space. Pick-up's (in the shell) and tone arms form a virtual geometrical unit.
Not so the J-shell. Designed primarily to use the J-series pick-up's with the EMT tone arms, it offers the possibility to mount pick-up's with 1/2" mounting variable by means of slot holes.

If a foreign pick-up shall be used with an EMT tone arm, there are two obstacles:
a) The foreign pick-up must be mountable in the TSD-G or below the J-shell
b) The overhang must be correct

To a)
Due to limited space within the TSD-G not all foreign pick-up's will fit with this shell. With some pick-up's it is possible if the owner is a bit handy. In some cases the J-shell may put things right. But not in every case. Therefore see b)

To b)
EMT turntables don't offer the possibility to shift the arm base horizontally in order to adjust the overhang.
The TSD-G offers only two fix holes and limited space. It is not possible to adjust the overhang (which is not necessary for EMT pick-up's).
On the J-shell nearly every foreign pick-up can be mounted. But also with this shell the overhang is not exactly adjustable in each case as the missing link is the limited space at the rear.

Another possibility is the short tone arm EMT 929k with an international connection. It was formerly mounted on customers request and is the short version of the EMT 929 which allows the mounting of shells with SME compatible connection.

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