EMT J-Series

EMT J-series pick-up's

Audiophile MC-cartridge with diamond either as FGS- or SFL-shape. Naked orientated natur diamond.
Half open shell made by special pure aluminum with 1/2"-mounting. To be mounted on EMT-arms the J-shell is available (also available for SME compatible connections).

Gold plated componentes.

Tip and cantilever   Diamond on boron
Diameter   FGS: 5µm
SFL: 6µm
Recommended tracking force   2,2-2,5p
Impedance   2 x approx. 20 Ohms
Output level @ 1kHz
(v = 5cm/s rms)
  2 x 1mV, +/-2dB
Frequency range   20-30,000Hz
Level difference   max. 1dB between 40Hz und 12.5kHz
Crosstalk ratio   >26dB @ 1kHz
FIM   <0,5%
Vertical tracking angle   23° +/-3°
Compliance   15µm/mN
Eff. mass at needle tip   ca. 1mg
Connections   Gold plated connection pins
Weight   approx. 11g
Recomm. load impedance   >= 100Ohm
Recomm. eff. tone arm mass   15g to 35g
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