Different sound of equal pick-up's

Is it possible the two equal TSD15 sound different although they are equipped with the same diamond and have been repaired recently? They are used with the same turntable with the same audio chain in the same room. - Why?

An absolute advantage of the EMT pick-up's is the fact that one can take it out of the box, plug it onto the arm, lock it and play. No adjustments of tracking formce, overhang, ... And the quality is always the same. Sound good and is nearly true. - Why only "nearly"?

If you buy a brand new TSD15 the vertical tracking angle (VTA) is 23° according to 20° -0/+5 of the standard DIN IEC 98. But this standard does not exist since a long time ago. And so there are still TSD15 in use with the former angle of 15°.

If your TSD15 needs a complete overhaul a lot of work has to be done. Generator with cantilever and diamond are disassembeld, the carrier is cleaned and the magnet becomes newly magnetized. But the carrier determines also the VTA. Therefore a refurbished TSD15 returns with the same VTA as before. In case it have been 15° before it is still 15°.

How can I distinguish between 15° and 23°? - Just take your TSD15 off the arm and put it upside down on a table. Then have a look at the gap between the white shield and the magnifying glass. If it is about 0.5-1mm your TSD15 operates with 15°. Is it about 2mm your TSD15 operates with 23°.

Can I just raise the arm to to change from 15° to 23°? - Normally not, as it does not concern the angle of the diamond against the record, but it is the angle of the cantilever. Raising the arm may change the angle of the cantilever from 15° to 23° but it will change also the angle of the diamond. As the formerly mentioned standard DIN IEC 98 allows a certain difference of the diamond's position you may vary the height of the arm a bit. You may recognize a difference in the sound.

Can I ask for a changeover of the VTA of my TSD15? - Yes, you can ;-) But it is not always possible to fulfill your request. A changeover from 15° to 23° is always possible as new pick-up's are 23° versions. A changeover from 23° to 15° presumes the availability of a 15° carrier. Please ask for the possibility of a changeover and the conditions as the carrier's replacement is not foreseen in the standard repair price.

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