The usage of different EMT pick-up's

There are EMT pick-up's for different applications. They differ in such data like diameter of the stylus, tracking force and impedance. Please find below some hints about the operating conditions of the single types and find here parameters of some old records:


The T-series transducer is constructed in a way, that it is possible to read horizontal as well as vertical tracks. The mono versions TMD and TND are built with only one coil which is connected only to the right channel output (the horizontal pins) by historical reasons. Caused by the construction, vertical trackings, like bending of the record or dust will be read as well.

The tracking force is 2,5p
Transducing factors:
TSD 15: 2 x 0,21 mV*sec/cm / The output voltage is about 1 mV
TMD 25: 1 x 0,21 mV*sec/cm
TND 65: 1 x 0,21 mV*sec/cm


The OF-series pick-up's are pure mono versions. The transducer is constructed in a way to read only horizontal trackings. The coil is connected to the right channel (the horizontal pins).
"x" means "D" when equipped with a diamond and "S" when equipped with a sapphire.
The tracking force for OFx 25 is 5p, for OFx 65 9p. For both versions the special mono counterweight (7 929 021) is needed. The weight of OFx 65 is always 4p higher than OFx 25.

The output voltage is about 10 mV
OFx 25 1,15 mV*s/cm
OFx 65 0,85 mV*s/cm

Connection to the several EMT equalizer amplifiers

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